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A Step-By-Step Guide on Download Instagram Videos

In today’s digital world, Instagram serves as a vibrant hub for creativity, storytelling, and connection. Amongst the array of Instagram posts, captivating videos are shared daily, sparking global interactions. But have you ever stumbled across an Instagram video that you wished to save and watch offline? We’re here to help! This comprehensive guide will show you the ins and outs of how to download Instagram videos.

Comprehending Instagram’s Policies

Before diving into the technicalities, we must address Instagram’s terms and conditions. Instagram’s policy typically protects content under copyright laws, so it’s vital to ensure you have permissions before downloading and using any material. This guide aims to equip you with the knowledge to download Instagram videos for personal use and does not endorse copyright infringement.

The Reasons Behind Downloading Instagram Videos

The reasons to download Instagram videos are vast, whether it’s to retain an educational video, a motivational speech, or a humorous clip to brighten your day. Whatever your reasons may be, learning to download Instagram videos can prove to be a handy digital skill.

Getting Ready to Download Instagram Videos

To start, you’ll need a device with internet connectivity and the URL of the Instagram video you wish to download. The URL can be obtained easily from the Instagram app or website. Simply tap on the three-dot symbol on the post and click on “Copy Link.”

Tools for Downloading Instagram Videos

A plethora of tools, both free and premium, are available online for downloading Instagram videos. Some notable examples include “DownloadGram,” “InstaDownloader,” and “GramSave.” Though the steps for each tool might differ slightly, they generally require you to insert the copied URL into a designated field and hit a button to initiate the download.

An Illustration with InstaDownloader

Here’s how you can use InstaDownloader:

Navigate to the InstaDownloader website.
Insert the copied URL into the textbox.
Click on ‘Download’.
Finally, click on ‘Save Video.’
The Process Across Different Devices
The steps to download Instagram videos may vary slightly depending on the device. Be it an Android device, an iOS device, or a PC, we’ve got it all covered.

Downloading Instagram Videos on Android

For Android users, there are designated apps such as “Video Downloader for Instagram” that make the process a breeze. Simply install the app, insert the video URL, and download the video with a tap.

Downloading Instagram Videos on iOS

For iOS users, apps like “InSaver” are available. After installation, copy the URL into the app, and follow the prompts to download the video.

Downloading Instagram Videos on a PC

For PC users, web-based tools such as DownloadGram or GramSave are the best bets.

Storing Your Downloaded Instagram Videos

Upon successful download, the video typically lands in your device’s standard download folder. You can choose to retain it there or relocate it as per your preferences.

Troubleshooting Potential Problems

At times, you might face challenges while downloading Instagram videos. These could be due to unstable internet connections, copyright limitations, or technical hiccups. Always ensure a robust internet connection and verify the video isn’t subjected to any restrictions.

Wrapping Up

Downloading Instagram videos need not be an uphill battle. With suitable tools and proper guidance, you can effortlessly save Instagram videos for offline viewing. Just remember to respect copyright rules and use the downloaded videos ethically.


Is downloading Instagram videos legal?

Yes, it’s permitted provided it’s for personal use and not violating any copyright laws.

Which are some reliable Instagram video downloading tools?

Some reliable tools include DownloadGram, InstaDownloader, and GramSave.

Can I download Instagram videos on all devices?

Yes, there are various tools and apps available that support Instagram video downloads on Android, iOS, and PCs.

Where are the downloaded Instagram videos stored?

They are usually stored in the default download folder of your device, although you can move them as per your preferences.

What to do if I face issues while downloading Instagram videos?

Make sure you have a stable internet connection and the video isn’t subjected to any restrictions. If issues persist, try a different tool or app.